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Basic Plus Account
Price: $
Standard Account
Price: $
E-Commerce Account
Price: $
This account includes the basic creation tools, 5 e-mail addresses, and 25MB of Web space.

Price: $10 Sign-up (1st month of Service: Free)
This account includes the basic creation tools. Includes 100MB of Web space and 15 e-mail addresses. Perfect for business, organizations, and clubs.
The Standard Account includes more software tools, Web space and e-mail addresses than the Basic Accounts.

Includes 250MB Web space and 50 e-mail addresses.

The standard account type is the perfect solution for businesses which provide services or choose not to sell their products online.
The E-Commerce account type was specifically developed for businesses that plan on selling products online. You can securely take orders online using a shopping cart or an order form.

Includes e-commerce software, 400MB Web space and 200 e-mail addresses.

Business Packages

Self Serve Package

The Self Serve Package puts you in complete control of your website and is the most economical way to get your business online. With the Self Serve Package, you create and maintain your own website and save a lot of money!

Jump Start Package

The Jump Start Package is for businesses that are on a budget but require a more customized look that will match the business' identity. We create the website and then turn the on-going maintenance over to you.

Full Service Package

Our Full Service Package is for the business that just want us to take care of every aspect of their website. We create the website, we maintain it.

Overhaul Package

If you are not happy with your existing website, the Overhaul Package is right for you. We will discuss the best method to convert your existing website into a brand new custom created website developed by our professional design team.